Legend of Chusen 2

Legend of Chusen 2 - 诛仙青云志2





Release Year: 2016

Country: Chinese

Genre: Drama Historical Fantasy Action Romance

Status: Ongoing


After the non-ending of season 1, I know that a lot of you have been clamoring for information on Legend of Chusen 诛仙青云志 and I have just the thing to make your day because season 2 begins its exclusive webcast on Dec. 8 for QQ VIP members while its network broadcast is slated for January or February next year. Here's to hoping that some kind soul uploads the entire thing online. Li Yi Feng (Sparrow) undergoes a noticeable transformation inside and out. Gone are the kind eyes of an earnest Zhang Xiao Fan as it is replaced with the piercing stare of a sinister Gui Li, the right-hand man of Gui Wang and a force to be reckoned with. A big part of season 2 will revolve around trying to revive Zhao Li Ying's (Princess Agents) character though how long she will stay unconscious remains a very big question mark. It's highly possible that the focus will be on Yang Zi (Legend of Dragon Pearl) instead. The rest of the cast also returns and it includes Shu Chang, Qin Jun Jie (The Lost Tomb 2), Cheng Yi, Mao Zi Jun (The Four), Liu Xue Yi, Jiao Jun Yan (Medical Examiner Dr. Qin) and Bai Xue.

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