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To be fair, I’d be sulking too if I were a talented actor stuck in a show hardly anyone is watching. Lee Hyun-woo has had a bad run of it lately when it comes to dramas, especially youth dramas in particular, with Moorim School continuing an unfortunate trend started by the much beleaguered To The Beautiful You in back in 2012.

Maybe it’ll just take some growing up from this baby-faced beauty before he’s cast in more adult-oriented shows, but for now, we can enjoy him looking adorably pitiful and/or slightly uncomfortable for this month’s photo spread in Esquire magazine.

Of his role in Moorim School, the bright-eyed young star claimed to be nothing like the cold character he portrays on screen, adding, “It’s true that I have a bright and optimistic side of me. I fool around a lot on set, and am even more playful when I’m with my friends. But I’m not always like that. I have lots of worries, and I listen to more depressing music than happy music.”


Oh Snap! Lee Hyun-woo sulks in expensive suits,drama torrent

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