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Interesting. PD Na Young-seok (Youths Over Flowers, Three Meals a Day) said in a recent interview that his web variety series New Journey to the West was an experiment that he only considered a half-success. Perhaps it was just a lead-in to the announcement that the show would be returning for a second season; and again there’s talk of a possible television broadcast for it on tvN in Na PD’s usual Friday night hour (and a half).

The first season reunited ex-1 Night 2 Days members Kang Ho-dong, Lee Su-geun, Eun Ji-won, and Lee Seung-gi on a trip to China last summer. The travel variety program is the least like Na PD’s other tvN shows, because it’s sort of a hybrid of the classic 1 Night 2 Days games-for-food, mission-oriented style, but loose and edited around narratives like Youths or Grandpas.

This time Kang Ho-dong, Lee Su-geun, and Eun Ji-won are going on a trip without their maknae, because Seung-gi is in the army. SADFACE. Is there a face that’s sadder than sadface? ANGUISHFACE.

The boys and Na PD are leaving February 18 for an undisclosed location in China for another 5-day trip. I’m not sure that this is a show that needs a second season, because even the first one felt a little too familiar. But I did miss the 1N2D crew a lot, and it was fun to see them in a mini reunion. There’s even speculation about a possible mystery fourth member to take Seung-gi’s place, but I guess we’ll have to wait to find out if Na PD happened to kidnap a random celebrity on the way to the airport.

The new season of New Journey to the West is planning to air online on NaverCast, and there’s a chance it’ll follow Youths Over Flowers in Africa on Friday nights in April.

…Even though I don’t know what the point is, if Seung-gi’s not there.

Na PD returns with second season of New Journey to the West,drama torrent

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